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    Hardip Kaur

    Member of the CAA
    Member of the Spinal research Foundation

    Hardip Kaur Chiropractor

    Hardip Kaur is Northmead Family Chiropractic’s Principal Chiropractor. She has been in practice for 12 years and is a passionate holistic Chiropractor who endeavours to empower her patients to make better health choices. She addresses the structural, nutritional and emotional components behind spinal misalignments.

    “I was first exposed to Chiropractic when I started studying in 1999, and what led me to Chiropractic was the yearning to make a difference to people’s health and lives naturally. As I was studying Chiropractic, the Chiropractic Philosophy and concept highly resonated with me. The brain and the nervous system are the master controllers of the body, and if we allow them to flow without interference to the rest of the body, all cells and organs will receive the messages and signals to function correctly”.

    A member of the CAA and the Spinal Research Foundation, Hardip is an advocate for natural healthcare and a healthy lifestyle. She lives by the motto “Move well, eat well and think well”. She practices various chiropractic techniques ranging from the old school manual adjustments to activator method. Her purpose is to help every patient, restore, heal and flourish.
    Outside of work Hardip enjoys the great outdoors, quality time with friends and family and enjoys a social game of tennis.

    Darren Cheung

    Darren Cheung Chiropractor

    Darren has been an enthusiastic and compassionate member of Northmead Family Chiropractic since 2010. As a Chiropractor, Darren strives to assist every patient that walks through our clinic doors. He completed a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Degree followed by a Masters of Chiropractic Degree at Macquarie University.

    Darren was born and raised in the north-western suburbs of Sydney, and was exposed to Chiropractic care when he was in year 2, when he injured his ankle playing soccer. The pain at the time was excruciating, however, with regular chiropractic care in conjunction with appropriate rehabilitation, he made a full recovery.

    Outside of work and study, Darren loves to stay active. He’s been swimming since the age of 8, led his squash team to a long awaited grand final win and loves to play basketball with his friends, not to mention his passion for weight training at the local gym. His strong belief in leading an active lifestyle has motivated him to look more into Sports Chiropractic.
    Darren utilises a diverse range of chiropractic techniques including, Diversified, Gonstead, Activator Method, Thompson Drop-Table, soft tissue work and active muscle releases. He also incorporates patient specific rehabilitation exercises and stretches to promote the improvement in function.

    As a firm believer in patient education, Darren is always willing to answer questions, whether it be about sports, stretches or chiropractic treatment, he is there to help! His extensive knowledge regarding Chiropractic will educate and motivate you, so be sure to pick his brain when you visit!

    Thie Sakae

    Thie Sakae Massage Therapist Northmead Chiropractic

    Thie Sakae has been Northmead Family Chiropractic’s massage therapist since 2013. She has been practicing shiatzu massage, remedial massage and Japanese acupuncture for 14 years. Thie is a passionate, knowledgeable and gentle therapist, who is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for all her clients.




    Melinda Johnstone

    MelMelinda has been working in administrative roles for over 10 years, and has previously worked in the health care industry. In 2010 Melinda moved to Sydney, where she completed her Certificate III in Business Administration. With a passion for customer service, she strives to create a pleasant, positive reception environment for clients, while supporting the practice’s team of talented practitioners.

    Melinda has rediscovered her passion for complimentary medicine and watching people achieve their health goals. She is a firm believer that “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together” and has recently begun studying an Ad. Dip. in Nutritional Medicine with the hopes working towards paediatric nutrition.

    Outside of the practice, Melinda is passionate about music and enjoys netball and water sports. She is an avid animal lover, and enjoys relaxing with her two border collies – Buddy and Chloe.


    Sahil Lutchman

    SahilSahil has recently joined the Northmead Family Chiropractic in 2016 and is pleased with the positive ambience it creates. He is currently a final year Bachelors student of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University and is looking forward to being professionally registered.
    Sahil is an enthusiastic student and is looking forward to thrive in this family-friendly Practice. Sahil remains culturally sound as he was born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand.
    He is a firm believer in assisting individuals to aspire in reaching their optimal health and will endeavour to maximise positive outcomes for all.


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