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    The team at Chiropractor Northmead consists of a friendly group of people who bring many different skills and abilities to heal diseases.

    Our many happy patients don’t mind driving a little if necessary, and we have found that our Chiropractor Dundas Valley services are very popular with treatments always being completed from start to finish.

    Always taking a holistic approach to healing as well as bringing a thorough understanding of innovative and modern strategies allows the chiropractor Dundas Valley to provide patients with an effective and thorough experience during their healing process.

    The team is available 6 days a week and understands that Chiropractic Treatment can play a crucial part on a patients’ path to recovery.

    Our philosophy extends far beyond standard Chiropractic Clinic treatments, and we are open and educated in discussing a rounded treatment incorporating natural methods as well as in conjunction with other medical professionals’ prescribed activities.

    What we don’t take, is a blanget approach to your health. We care for every patient to the best of our abilities and firmly focus on achieving full recovery in the shortes possible timeframe.

    Our Chiropractic Clinic is centrally located in the Parramatta/Northmead radius and caters perfectly for your Chiropractor Dundas Valley needs.

    About the Chiropractor: Hardip Kaur
    Member of the CAA
    Member of the Spinal research Foundation







    ” I was first exposed to Chiropractic when I started studying in 1999, and what led me to Chiropractic was the yearning to make a difference to peoples health and lives naturally. As I was studying Chiropractic, the Chiropractic Philosophy and concept highly resonated with me. The brain and the nervous system are the master controllers of the body, and if we allow them to flow without interference to the rest of the body, all cells and organs will receive the messages and signals to function correctly. As a Chiropractor my primary role is to create alignment in your spine, allowing for your nervous system to flow without interference.

    I started receiving Chiropractic care, whilst studying, and in my own health noticed a considerable improvement, not only in posture and flexibility but also in my general well being and health. I noticed my sinus conditions improve and I less frequently had colds and flu. For this reason to maintain my health and prevent degeneration in my own body, I enjoy regular Chiropractic visits to keep me going as I can not afford to be sick”.

    Services provided:
    Chiropractic (Standard Manual Adjustments)
    Activator Method
    Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T)
    Sacro- Occipital Technique (S.O.T)
    Cranial Therapy


    Aligning a lot with the learning of David Palmer, a pioneer in the early stages of Chiropractic, we have developed a philosophy that a particular person has its own ability in curing with her/him self by using the mind and heart without major interference by someone else. Our approach therefore takes more of a guiding role than just administering a treatment.

    Chiropractor Dundas Valley – it is well worth the short trip to Northmead Chiropractic. Thank you for your interest in your health.

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