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Northmead Family Chiropractic was founded by Hardip Kaur on Moxhams Road, Northmead, in 2011

Hardip Kaur is a passionate Chiropractor who loves helping people. The practice has become well known throughout the community, and is much loved by patients. Our friendly team, strives to provide ongoing care to many patients who are working through rehabilitation after accidents, general pain relief sports injuries, and those who are seeking a healthy way of life. Northmead Family Chiropractic aims to service the community through Chiropractic with up to date, safe, gentle and effective Natural care.

Northmead Family Chiropractic utilises various Chiropractic techniques, as well as a multi-disciplinary approach combining nutrition, massage and naturopathy, to help tailor a treatment to suit your needs.

At Northmead Chiropractic we aim to educate you, providing you with up to date knowledge so you can can make informed decisions that are best suited for you.
You are the boss, so if you are looking for pain relief, you get just pain relief, if you are looking for Preventative and Wellness care, than we will tailor your treatment solely for that purpose.

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